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Tracing Agents UK specialise in providing efficient, thorough and accurate tracing services for solicitors, financial institutions, government departments, local councils, companies, the media and private clients.

We can quickly trace debtors, witnesses, beneficiaries and other missing persons, using the utmost discretion and professionalism. Most traces are completed within 14 days, and we can also provide 'Express', 'Same-Day' and 'Urgent' investigations. Please see our services section for more details.

We have a 90% positive success rate and operate a 'No Trace, No Fee' policy for all UK cases, so there is absolutely no risk whatsoever in using our service. We are registered by the Information Commissioner under the Data Protection Act.

For discreet, no-obligation advice or further details, please email the tracing agents via the form..

Do you need help finding a missing person? Are you trying to locate a debtor? Have you encountered difficulties as you've sought to find a witness or beneficiary?

Tracing Agents UK can assist. Our experienced investigators will leverage our extensive resources to locate a person quickly and efficiently.

In fact, Tracing Agents UK utilises a vast array of high-tech resources to find missing persons quickly and efficiently.

Tracing Agents UK's tracing and locating services are ideal for:

- government agencies;

- private companies and organisations;

- media organisations;

- creditors and financial institutions;

- attorneys and solicitors;

- ...and beyond!

The trace experts and private investigators at Tracing Agents UK are so confident in their abilities that clients are provided with a money-back guarantee. If the individual is not located, there's no fee. It's that simple!

Nine out of ten missing persons are found within two weeks, though notably, Tracing Agents UK also offers express tracing services for more urgent situations.

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